Meet Us

After nearly a decade working in higher education, specifically in study abroad administration, Jannan now serves as Co-founder of Time Zones Away. In her time as a Study Abroad Advisor and Program Manager, she sought to promote accessibility in international education. She believes that anyone who seeks the opportunity (students and parents alike) should have the chance to have a meaningful travel experience. Jannan has served on numerous scholarship review committees, presented on various topics within the field of international education, and has had the honor of supporting countless students and parents in their study abroad endeavors.

Jannan graduated from Centre College with a degree in International Studies and earned her Master’s degree in College Student Personnel from the University of Tennessee. She also taught English at a large public university in Ecuador and is a published travel writer. In her (minimal) free time, she enjoys practicing yoga, serving as Giving Coordinator for See Beautiful, volunteering with Junior League of Greenville, and laughing with her family. Connect with her on LinkedIn. 

For Chrissy, working in the field of International Education has always felt like a perfect fit. Although her own travel experience originally piqued her interest in working in study abroad, for the past six years she has worked more specifically with international students coming to study in the United States. Whether a student is coming to the U.S. or going abroad, she sees the exchange of cultures as an integral part of understanding oneself and the world around you. As a co-founder of Time Zones Away, Chrissy believes that when a child studies abroad, it allows the parent a unique opportunity to see the world and have a transformative experience, as well.

Chrissy studied Language (Spanish) and International Trade at Clemson University and returned to Clemson to earn her Master’s Degree in Counseling Education for Student Affairs. A perfect day for Chrissy includes bacon, bedroom slippers, tailgating at a Clemson football game with her family, a dance party, and dreaming about where in the world she will go next.