For Universities

Professionals in the field of International Education who advise students day in and day out on opportunities abroad wear many hats. The job description may include destination advisor, academic advisor, faculty advisor, liaison between on-campus offices, risk management guru, technology fixer, orientation leader, photo contest runner, assessment pro, reflection prompter, and last but not least, parent advisor.

Parents are a top stakeholder for universities especially when it comes to study abroad. In the majority of situations, the parents must be on board in order for the students to be able to commit and follow through with an international experience.

Parents often ask if they can visit their student while they’re abroad. They may even ask you t0 help plan the trip for them, give them a suggestion for a good time to visit, ask for accommodation suggestions, and potentially even request flight assistance. As we all know, time is limited and this time intensive service cannot be offered by most offices.

Time Zones Away can offer this service to parents that will give the university an edge and take your marketing to the next level.

Services TZA can offer to universities:

  1. INDIVIDUAL PARENT REQUESTS: Refer parents to Time Zones Away for help planning a visit to their student’s study abroad destination. We are able to advise, plan, and book travel for them including international flights, accommodations, transfers in country, local tours, add on destinations, and we can even make restaurant recommendations!
  2.  FACULTY-LED PROGRAMMING: Time Zones Away can offer a customized itinerary for the parents of students studying on the same program. Many parents inevitably will visit their student and Parent Group travel can add a whole new dynamic. The faculty member who designed the program will have the ability to pick a specific time for parents to visit and publish this in marketing materials. This could be during the middle of the program or at the end; whatever suits the program best. TZA will assist with each step of the planning process.