About TZA

As a parent, there was surely a time during the child-rearing phase of life when you wished you could send your kid to another country. Now that your child is old enough to choose to spend an extended time abroad, the scrolling list of questions in your mind seems never-ending. Is it safe? How much does it cost? Will there be any type of adult supervision? Can I visit?

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The common questions parents ask are not unique and that’s where TZA fills the gap. Time Zones Away was created by parents for parents. The founders of TZA have first-hand university experience as professionals in the field of international education and have advised many students and parents on opportunities abroad. A consistent question from parents sending their students abroad is, “Can I go?” Often times, the question is asked in a joking manner, but TZA is here to answer that question with a YES.

TZA is partnered with All About Travel, a travel agency that has been sending clients on first class experiences all over the world for over thirty years. With the experience brought by both entities in the fields of travel and international education, Time Zones Away will partner with individuals, groups, study abroad affiliate programs, and universities to plan, support, and execute trips for parents to visit their children while they are studying, living or working abroad.

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