For Parents

Time Zones Away was created with you in mind. You may have traveled extensively in your life or not at all, but no matter your travel experience, we can help. TZA is a full service travel provider that plans and supports a travel experience for you to visit your student while they are abroad. This is not a new concept; many parents visit their students while they are abroad, but TZA is the first of its kind to specialize in assisting this niche group of travelers.

What can TZA do for parents?

  1. Create a custom itinerary including, airfare, accommodations, and one of a kind experiences in the location where your child is studying or living
  2. Add on other locations and arrange for transfers
  3. Provide visa, immunization, and travel insurance information for your specific destination
  4. Give you the peace of mind that comes from working with professionals

Why should parents use TZA?

  1. EXPERIENCE: TZA is made up of professionals in the travel and international education field with the knowledge and experience in international destinations to inform parents of best times to visit, interesting add on destinations, and more.
  2. TIME SAVER: You will not have to spend your time planning and arranging for your travel in a destination; you’ll let the experts take care of every detail.
  3. GROUP TRAVEL: TZA has the capability to plan group travel for couples, family members, or even another family visiting their student abroad.