We get it. Kids aren’t cheap. You’ve been paying for their clothes, shelter and food (and entertainment) since birth. And good gracious, they eat a lot. Now, you’re covering tuition, textbooks, and you just sprung for that laptop your kid “needed.” You’re paying for college, or you’re about to start paying for college, so why in the world would you fork over the cash for your child to study abroad?

Consider for a moment your own college experience. You may not have had the luxury of studying abroad. College was about getting the degree. And chances are, the degree was all you needed to start your career. Well, although your kid still needs to get the degree, that’s not all she needs anymore. And if you didn’t attend college, all of this may seem even more foreign.

It’s competitive out there. Studying abroad is an investment, and in order for the finances to make sense, you have to see the value and recognize the benefits.

There is financial support out there, if you know where to look.